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Hello, welcome to my studio. Here you can see my works via my various portfolios and contact me for projects. 

What I think and do !

I consider the visual language as a reflection of human needs, an image of our mind. We create signs fitting our desire to express and understand at the same time, it shares for us as we share with it. Combining our taste for clear clues and our attraction toward sensitive traces, I define my work as the design of visual solutions, exploring the lines between the mind and the eye. Using writings, signs and images, I shape expressive bodies to facilitate the transit of the thoughts.

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What I propose :

I offer a various and specific range of identity vehicles as tools of communication, adapting their form with a carefull relation to the media for companies, brands, products and events.

How to work together ?

Have a look at my ︎ Portfolio and ︎ Contact me  directly to talk about your project.