The / Transit.Script [studio]

The / transit script [studio] shapes expressive bodies to facilitate the transit of the thoughts. We offer a various range of specific identity vehicles as tools of communication. We create forms in relation with the media, exploring the lines between the mind and the eyes; toward the design of visual solutions via writings, signs and images.

Our visual language is a reflection of the human needs, an image of our mind. Combining our taste for clear clues and our attraction toward sensitive traces the written signs are fitting our desire to express and understand in the same time: The writings are sharing to us as we are sharing with them.


Guillaume Le Méliner is a writing artist and script designer. Overtaking the limits between scriptural and pictural, legible and abstract, he explores their links and their crossroads, shading the multiple colors of black and light.

“I shape expressive bodies 
for the transit of thoughts.”


After studying industrial design and fine art, Guillaume Le Méliner had the chance to approach closely latin calligraphy and type design at Le Scriptorium de Toulouse in France.

In addition to his artistic and design activity he is also involved into education; he teaches the history of the writing, calligraphy, typography. He has been giving courses and workshops in graduate schools and public librairies.

︎ Education

Le Scriptorium de Toulouse
Calligraphy, Type Design, and Graphic Design.
Toulouse, France, 2004-2006.

Les Beaux-Arts de Saint-Étienne
Fine arts, design speciality.
Saint-Étienne, France, 2003-2004.

Bachelor’s Degree of Product Design
Lycée Magendie.
Bordeaux, France, 2003.

BTS Création Industrielle
Industrial product design.
Lycée Magendie, Bordeaux, France, 2001-2003.

MAN Arts Appliqués
Preparatory class for applied arts school.
Lycée Diderot, Lyon, France, 2000-2001.

︎ Teaching

Workshop Graffiti & Calligraphy
Organised in collaboration with Huruf.my and Lettermattershsin.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2019.

Teacher of Calligraphy, Lettering and Type Design
Axe Sud, graphic design and visual communication graduate school.
Toulouse, France, 2014-2016.

Workshop Imaginary writingsDépartement de la Haute-Garonne.
Mauzac, Frouzens, Bessières, Pins-Justaret, Saint-Jean, Portet s/ Garonne, France, 2015-2016.

Workshops Creative calligraphy
Archives Départementales de la Haute-Garonne.
Toulouse, France, 2015-2016.

Workshops with children Fun writingsDépartement de la Haute-Garonne.
Mauzac, Frouzens, Bessières, Pins-Justaret, Saint-Jean, Portet s/ Garonne, France, 2015-2016.

Workshop Tags & Calligraphies :
Organised in collaboration with Kitty Sabatier.
L'imprimerie, Toulouse, France, 2009.

︎ Talk

The writings of writing /
GRAFFITI: the free land of writings
Organised by Malaysia Design Archive, Huruf.my and Lettermattershsin.
The Zongshan Building, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2019.

Les outils de l’écriture
Archives Départementales de la Haute-Garonne.
Toulouse, France, 2016.

︎ Text

Le tag et sa graphie
An essay on the aesthetic relationships between the graffiti signatures and the traditional calligraphic forms.
Fanzine Antirust n°2, 500 copies, 2012.

︎ Solo exhibition

Comment la parole
Six exhibitions in libraries.
Péchabou, Carbonne, Saint-Jean, Portet Sur Garonne, Mauzac, Pins Justaret, France, 2015-2016-2017.

Écritures Reformées
Calligraphy and asemic writing.
La Maison des Arts, Blagnac, France, 2011.

︎ Group exhibition

Portes Ouvertes
With Kitty Sabatier, Christel Llop, Gaëlle Boucherit, Guillaume Le Méliner.
L'Atelier, Toulouse, France, 2011-2015.

Le Salon Reçoit
With François Leroy, Guillaume Le Méliner.
Le 22, Toulouse, France, 2013.

Le moment où la lecture se perd et le regard se trouve
With François Leroy, Kitty Sabatier, Christel Llop, Olga Vieco, Guillaume Le Méliner.
Association Archipel, Toulouse, France, 2009.

︎ Film

Le corps écrit
Documentary about hand lettering.
With Guillaume Le Méliner, Mike Meyers, Luca Barcellona, Stephen Espo Powers, Ken Davis, Caitlyn Galloway, Damon Styer, Pierre Bourquin, Hugo Haeffner.
Film by Jérome Sallerin, 2014.

La ville devant soi: Tags et calligraphies Documentary about Kitty Sabatier and our collaborative workshop Tag & Calligraphies.
Film by Claude Barraud, 2010.

︎ Publication

La Cohue
Collaborative book. 200 copies, A5, 420 pages, digital print.
Silkscreen cover by Éditions Terrain Vague, 2018.

Dites-non au tag
Collaborative book created by the Éditions Terrain Vague team during their residency at L’Atelier Garage in Lyon.
With Apôtre, Alexandre Bavard, Earner, Fuite, Gues, Kairos, Katja, Keboy, Guillaume Le Méliner, Omick, Popay, Elliot Sitbon, Spé, Rizote, Sonik, Wo, Wxyz, Xone.
60 signed copies; 18,5 x 29 cm, 80 pages. Mixed technics, digital print, silkscreen, debossing. Handmade japanese binding. Quadrichrome silkscreen cover. Additional booklet: 18 x 12,5 cm, digital print. Éditions Terrain Vague, 2017.

Antirust n°2
Fanzine by 2012 and 1984 collectives.
With: Vincent Lafuite, Apotre, Osheroner, Direct, Wei, Ahero, Mosa, Toner, Teurk, The Yellow, Anek, Bouze, Ewok, Yanbo, Omick, Kid Santo, Ombre, Catacombes Lyon 647 REV, Keboy, Zeda, Den, Weirdo, Rstar, Tish, Maxi.T, Zarby, Sonick, Ponse, 647 Agres, Looperoner, George Praxis, Guillaume le Méliner, Erpy, Slaughter, Sheda, Enkiz, Korem, KMF. 500 copies, 2012.

Antirust n°1Fanzine by 2012 and 1984 collectives.
With: Alexisos, Yanbo, Mosa, Wei, Wxyz, Teurk, Aem, Bouse, Omick, Yanbo, Insay, Direct, Rehsad, Erpi IC 96, Duke, Ewok, Weirdo, Earner, Vincent La Fuite, Oshe, Spé, Ipno, Rstar, Guillaume Le Méliner. 500 copies, 2010.


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