“ We create multifaceted signs with a taste in the vibrant presences that touch directly your senses 

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The / Transit.Script [studio] is committed in the creation of languages that fit our desires to express and to understand within the same forms.

With your ideas and our work we develop together designs that provide a unique signature fitting your demand. At the Transit Script Studio we particularly value the sensitive approach by providing inclusive experiences that reflect the humankind’s mind and needs, combining our attraction towards expressive traces and our appetite for clear clues.



The Transit.Script [studio] was created in 2019 by Guillaume Le Méliner. His deep attraction towards the signs often overtakes the limits between legibility and abstraction, playing with the links between our vision and our feelings by moving the multiple shades of forms & light.

 “ I shape expressive bodies
          for the transit of thoughts.  


After studying industrial design and fine art, Guillaume Le Méliner had the chance to approach closely latin calligraphy and type design at Le Scriptorium de Toulouse in France.

In addition to his artistic and design activity he is also involved into education; he teaches the history of the writing, calligraphy, typography. He has been giving courses and workshops in graduate schools and public librairies.